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Welcome to BrightandCheerful

Simple Sun by uguardian

Bright, beautiful, cheerful!
This is what our group is all about!
A collection of animals, birds, flowers, nature, people,
holidays, travel, foods, art, and more!

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
  • deviantART's policies
  • All work must be bright, cheerful and colorful
  • Black & White photography must be crisp and clear
  • Please submit your best work
  • All media is allowed
  • All work must be original
  • Vintage photos accepted with proper credit
  • Sweet prose will be accepted
  • Full credits must be given to photo-manipulations
  • Features From Members and Affiliates will be accepted
  • Fan art is allowed, providing it is in line with our other rules below

The following will be declined:
  • Poor quality
  • Animal cruelty
  • Injured or dead animals
  • Animals eating identifiable animals
  • Mature content, including sex, nudity or provocative poses
  • Dark, demonic or overtly evil content
  • Violence or blood
  • Horror or Macabre
  • Cemeteries
  • WIP
  • Icons
  • IR and monochrome photography
  • Watermarks and signatures which obscure the picture
  • Comics
  • Literature
  • Adoptables
  • Please limit selfies
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Five Nights At Freddys
  • Undertale
  • Art made using free bases or programs like Pony Creator

Submit 3/day to the Submission Folder.
We will place your submission in the proper folder
All submissions require 1 vote to be accepted.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact MYPeanutGallery


Simple Grass by uguardian

Gallery Folders

Spyro is back by Hukley
Delicious cuisine in our home... by MamaMika
Greylag Geese by NaturalLightPhotos
mallard male by kiwipics
Snowy Owl by DominikaAniola
White bougainvillea by xjames7
come at me bro by TreborNehoc
The Land of the Roots by crapopabo
Animals - Amphibians
Toad portrait by mossagateturtle
Frog by PutyatinaEkaterina
tree frog 2 by TreborNehoc
tree frog by TreborNehoc
Animals - Aquatic
Grass carp by mossagateturtle
Blue Swarm by TarJakArt
Moray Eel by NaturalLightPhotos
Cowfish by NaturalLightPhotos
Animals - Big Cats
Leopard by vinayan
Lion's Yawn by ZaraaLeanne
.:Lady In White:. by LSouthern
Happy Tiger by rainylake
Animals - Butterflies and Moths
Saturnia pavonia by mossagateturtle
Tortoiseshell by KeldBach
Lemonade by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
A Monarch in Love by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Animals - Cats
Bad hair day... by cricketumpire
Drink like a Cat by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
The Princess by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Be on your guard! by poserfan-pholio
Animals - Cats In Windows
Curious by cindywebbphotography
Ever Watchful 2 by Forestina-Fotos
Ever Watchful by Forestina-Fotos
Animals - Chipmunks and Squirrels
Cover squirrel by cindywebbphotography
Squirrel on a fencepost eating a nut. by TomFawls
Squirrel Portrait by Innocentium
I'm so happy to see you all on DA! by mockingbirdontree
Animals - Dogs
Oscar and Ollie. L1040440, with story by harrietsfriend
Casey. by spxcialneeds
Golden Retriever VI by LDFranklin
(12/52) by Klusku
Animals - Farm
2 Llamas by UdoChristmann
Animals - Horses
Dartmoor pony by UdoChristmann
Animals - Invertibrates
2613 Hoverfly by RealMantis
Animals - Pets
Spring stands up by MaguschildCloud
Animals - Mammals
Wet Paint. by Rabid-Coot
Animals - Reptiles
Quickly the sea by KlaraDrielle
Art - Animals
Atlantic Horseshoe Crab - Animal of April 2018 by MoonyMina
Art - Artisan
Magpie by Xantosia
Art - Birds
Place to Start by 130Dk
Art - Fan Art
The Legend by Lacza
Art - Flowers
Tree by Alena-48
Art - Flower Fractals
Apo7X-180412-64 by sonafoitova
Art - Fractal and Digital Abstract
Covered dry dock by marijeberting
Art - Fractal Manipulations
Full service Covered Harbor by marijeberting
Art - Nature
Art - People
Help Me! by Deneco
Art - Photomanipulations
Apr18 - Flower and Fractal by Gerda1946
Art - Sweet Prose
Lormet-rustic-0904P-lr2 by Lormet-Images
Art - Storybook
Flying Palace by annewipf
Art - This and That
Art - Yesterday's Paper
Sentiments Of The Months - April by Yesterdays-Paper
Black and White Photography
0337 Dramatic sky over the railroad station by RealMantis
Birds - Birds of Prey
Proud (III). by Phototubby
Birds - Corvids
Jackdaws by Okavanga
Birds - Flightless
Ostrich by Berlin-Steglitz
Birds- Game
Pheasant by NaturalLightPhotos
Birds - Sea Birds
Great Blue Heron by NaturalLightPhotos
Birds - Song Birds
4778 Goldfinch by RealMantis
Birds - Spring Waterfowl
Tiny Baby Duckies VIII by LDFranklin
Birds - Tropical
Just Snoozin' 'Til the Rain Stops by vanndra
Holidays - Christmas
Christmas Window by Inianna
Holidays - Easter
Delicious cuisine in our home... by MamaMika
Holidays - Father's Day
Father's Day card by Xantosia
Holidays - Halloween
Window color witch by Finnyanne
Holidays - Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah by JennDixonPhotography
Holidays - Mother's Day
Motherhood by daniellepowell82
Holidays - New Years
Cigar And Spirits by Catlaxy
Holidays - Passover
Happy Passover by Lior-Art
Holidays - St. Patrick's Day
A day of green and gold ... by ansdesign
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Gobble Gobble by LTerri
Holidays - Valentines Day
Two swans enjoy the romantic evening by MT-Photografien
Lovely and Interesting Things
Collection And Recollection I by Yesterdays-Paper
Nature - Berries and Nuts
Remnant of Autumn by UdoChristmann
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
Ananas comosus Variegatus by FranticMezmer
Nature - Flowers
Cute little wildflowers by mossagateturtle
Nature - Fungi
Morel of the steppes (Morchella steppicola) by mossagateturtle
Nature - Fruits and Vegetables
Avocado Trees by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Nature - Iris
Pourple Iris msolata by BlackCatArtDA
Nature - Lilies
The Yellow Lily 1 by LDFranklin
Nature - Lotus and Waterlilys
Perfect Purple by skarzynscy
Nature - Misc Plants
With each other's back by BlackCatArtDA
Nature - Poppies
Blowing in the Wind by KeldBach
Nature - Roses
Elegance by cindywebbphotography
Nature - Sunflowers
Come Sunshine by KeldBach
Nature - Trees
4374 Path to the unknown by RealMantis
Nature - Droplets
Cereus Repandus II by Vitskog
Nature - Fog and Mist
Nature - Landscapes
Philosophy by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Nature - Skyscapes
Stop Sign Silhouette by LDFranklin
Nature - Waterscapes
Sunset time by KlaraDrielle
People - Babies and Children
Red Riding Hood by InayatShah
People - Cuisine
Butter Pecan Cupcakes by Lumimyrskydawn
People - Portraits
Jet ski by UdoChristmann
Lantern in the Garden by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Architecture - Bridges and Piers
Meet me where the sky touches the sea by AutumnIulia
Architecture - Cityscapes
Auckland Nightscape by TarJakArt
Rural and Urban - Fireworks
2544 Explosion of light #7 by RealMantis
Rural and Urban - Signs
Don't Drink and Dive by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Rural and Urban - Transportation
The Ant Hill Mob In Their Bulletproof Bomb! by SwiftysGarage
Seasons - Autumn
2166 by dominicascudieri
Seasons - Spring
rites of spring by Nimbue
Seasons - Winter
Frozen Water Drops by Vitskog

Invitation to Join

Simple Sun by uguardian

If your art has been requested,
please consider joining us!

Simple Grass by uguardian

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:19 PM

An old favorite - Enjoy!

Tiptoe through the window
By the window, that is where I'll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me.

Song Composed by Joe Burke and Al Dubin

Pink Tulip by CpopArt     Simpatico by 12bluros

Untitled by Placi1     Tulips by Berlin-Steglitz

A little thanks for Mothers Day. by Phototubby     Beauty by Finnyanne

a tulip by Ingelore     shine of spring by zeldatiam

Simple Tulips by AStoKo   From Below by SvanderHolst

Breezy by Lust0fADeeperPain     Mellow Yellow by 1001G

Tulips by Alina-Kurbiel     Budding by Kitteh-Pawz

Eternity by MoonrisePlanet   Spring by Elysium6

fritillaria by awjay     Tulips by lazy-brush

tulips by SvitakovaEva   Tulips 2017 by GLO-HE

Untitled by Placi1   Yellow Tulip by SunfyreArt

Frilly Tulip by Forestina-Fotos     Untitled by steyfi

#2394 by robertcicheckiart   Tulip by MYPeanutGallery

Colors of Tulips by Filsdeloup   Sweet Flowers by Lior-Art 

Tulip by MYPeanutGallery   Inside A Tulip by lapis-lazuri

Untitled by ShortyMcNillan   Spring child. by Phototubby

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